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Allie's Art Tips Page

On this page I intend to pass on any little tips that I have picked up over the years. Also if any of you have any tips you would like to share with us email them to me & I will put them up on the site with you name accredited to it!

 Email me at Paint32ukuk@aol.com 

Tip 1

We all have paint brushes that have seen better days. I have found a way of reviving them. It doesn't work for all of them but it does for a majority of them. 

First when you have finished painting for the day make sure they are all washed out in your thinners, then wash them out using shower gel & COLD water. When you have done this rub in some of your hair conditioner & leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash out. Mold to shape & leave to dry!

I have found that this works on most types of brushes.

Tip 2

Do you go out & buy 'Putty Rubbers'?

My tip is not to bother! Buy a pack of  'UHU White Tack'. It can be rolled & moulded into any shape you want , as large or small as you like. I find it 'Stickier' than 'Putty Rubbers' & much better for lifting pencil from your paper. Also if your really stuck for something to use & you don't want to use a rubber because of taking the surface of your paper off you can use 'FRESH' bread rolled in your fingers into a ball then again mould it into the shape you want, use it the same way you would use the 'Putty Rubber' or 'White Tack'. It's not as good but will do if you have anything else!


Tip 3

Paint brushes can very often end up with their bristles all splayed out. You can solve this by very carefully & gently cutting round the base of the bristles with a razor blade (one that has a protective edge on it) or a scalpel. BUT it must be gently or you will find that you'll take too much off! Do a little at a time.


Tip 4

Sometimes even tho you have put stretchers or keys in your canvas you can find that it gets a little saggy & not as taut as you would like it to be. A simple way of curing this is put your canvas with the back facing you onto your easel. Get a spray bottle, I use an old multi-surface cleaner bottle that the spray bit comes off, fill it with water & lightly spray the entire back surface of the canvas. Make sure you don't use too much, if you do it's not too much of an issue it will just take a lot longer to dry. Now leave it to dry. You can repeat this action as many times as you like to get the tautness that you require.

Tip 5

Are you new to painting & don't have a pallette to use with your oils or acrylics? Do you have an old photo frame that still has the glass or acrylic in it? Take it out of the frame, clean it & there you have it, a pallette! Can be cleaned off as soon as you are finished or can be cleaned with a razor blade if it gets dried on! A razor blade with a protective edge that is, we don't want any fingers sliced off! And remember to make sure there are no sharp edges & that you lay it on a a flat surface when you are using it!                                                                     


Tip 6

When drawing NEVER blow any dust or rubber bits off of your drawing as there is a chance that you'll have little droplets of spittle on your page & it will lift the surface of your paper! Use instead a nice soft brush such as a large water colour brush to sweep you paper.

Tip 7

Again, when drawing I NEVER use my fingers to blend. Your hands & fingers have grease on them not matter how well you wash them! This will cause you problems when trying to remove any pencil marks etc. Instead use stumps, a nice soft piece of chamois leather good for blending large areas, a piece of cotton cloth, cotton buds & don't be afraid to use a battery operated rubber! This is GREAT if you want to have a nice sharp highlight.