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Alison Sinclair's Studio

Alison Sinclair

Born 18th July 1967 In St.Albans, Hertfordshire.

I have always been fascinated by art of all forms. My dad was my inspiration as he always dabbled with water colors & oils when I was a kid. 

 I thought 'I'm no good at Maths, no good at English but I would really like to paint like my dad!' So I did the best I could at school, but was told I wasn't good enough to do 'O' level by my art teacher. This put me off for quite a while but then in my twenties I decided to get the brushes out to prove that teacher wrong! So here I am now completely self taught!

I have worked in oils since my early twenties & have been working with pencils & Pastels for the past few years!

 When I'm painting or drawing a portrait, I usually try to get into that persons soul, trying to portray that person right on the paper, especially when I'm doing their eyes.

When I'm doing a scenery painting I put myself at the place I am painting.  It is usually a place where i would like to be sitting enjoying the environment around me, the peace & quiet, the sunshine, the sound of the sea etc.

I find being by the water very inspirational & a peaceful place to be, maybe that's because I'm a Cancerian!